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do you ever wish you could breathe underwater?

just finished watching the irresistible 'Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou', again. i love all wes anderson's movies, he captures moments like no one else! I wonder how he makes his actors do that, again and again. i personally think he drugs them with some magic philter before the camera goes on. and everytime i watch one of his movies i can't help but tell myself, "this is the best wes anderson movie of all!"
and then there's the music , wes's own choice of songs as well as mark mothersbaugh's score - the track 'Lightning-strike rescue on Ping island' blows you away! david bowie's portuguese versions by seu jorge (check out his version of space oddity!)...i can go on and on...
two moments that cracked me up real hard this time:
>>when zissou says to ned (ned is pretending to smoke a pipe nonchalantly) "do you hear those whales sing?", and a foghorn sounds in the distance to which ned says, "beautiful. i wonder what they are saying."
the way zissou delivers the next line, "well that was the sludge tanker over there, but..." in such a casual, offhand way, that is just brilliant!
>>the scene where klaus is thanking ned for putting his name on the logo and trying to control himself...once you see willem dafoe in that scene, you will realize there was no other way that scene could've worked except that way!

giant leap

first entry, Thanksgiving Day 2005. 1544hrs, 'Crank' by Catherine Wheel playing. spent the past 15 minutes trying to acquire an unused blog URL - it appears that almost all conceivable words in english have been consumed by the existing userbase, and i am forced to take the cheesy way out. maybe the users should not be presented with a choice. assign a computer generated non-descript alphanumeric sequence as the blog URL - that way, you don't go through the pain of seeing your dream URL rejected unapologetically and unceremoniously fast (in my case, which, by the way, has been taken by a person with no name and who's alphabet is restricted to the first four letters of the second line in a standard keyboard).
then there is the blatant stereotyping that comes with descriptive blog URLs. i mean, we all know who writes, don't we? and you can't really say anything about someone at, can you? come to think of it, let's do away with pronouns i say, that'll take care of sexism. let's change our names to numbers - that'll get rid of religious prejudices. let's strip our vocabulary to the very basic, neutral and innocuous words so we can converse generically. let's kill uniqueness - it's done more harm than good.

when will 1984 come?