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giant leap

first entry, Thanksgiving Day 2005. 1544hrs, 'Crank' by Catherine Wheel playing. spent the past 15 minutes trying to acquire an unused blog URL - it appears that almost all conceivable words in english have been consumed by the existing userbase, and i am forced to take the cheesy way out. maybe the users should not be presented with a choice. assign a computer generated non-descript alphanumeric sequence as the blog URL - that way, you don't go through the pain of seeing your dream URL rejected unapologetically and unceremoniously fast (in my case, which, by the way, has been taken by a person with no name and who's alphabet is restricted to the first four letters of the second line in a standard keyboard).
then there is the blatant stereotyping that comes with descriptive blog URLs. i mean, we all know who writes, don't we? and you can't really say anything about someone at, can you? come to think of it, let's do away with pronouns i say, that'll take care of sexism. let's change our names to numbers - that'll get rid of religious prejudices. let's strip our vocabulary to the very basic, neutral and innocuous words so we can converse generically. let's kill uniqueness - it's done more harm than good.

when will 1984 come?

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  1. # Blogger RyRy

    They probably do it as a way to keep us from the other "senior" bloggers. It's discrimination..we should revolt! Vive Le' Revolution'  

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