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Brady goes down, another season starts

this is the first post being written in San Diego, almost a year after the last one. yes, i am a prolific blogger. see, i had this notion of staying true to the origins of blog - as in weblog - as in, a log of things seen whilst traversing the Web. like a captain's log - where a captain records the sights of his travels - the serpent headed monster of the sea (particularly after a few bottles of rum), the walrus seen trimming his moustache, etc. a list of places on the web that I record for my own posterity, in case I want to visit them later on for a second view - and perhaps to direct some of my friends or the occasional googler who ends up on my blog. so i made a point to make each post contain at least one link leading somewhere, a post with a story, and not my story. my story is too boring for public consumption, and my story doesn't have a link that will take you somewhere else. of course, it's easy to finagle a link in that's totally unrelated, but that would be cheating. unless - and by now you must be wondering the post title is unrelated too - the link is related back to the title. well yea that's cheating too but who cares? so here are a couple of short (<1 min) football-related memorable videos, Jim Mora and Dennis Green. Hope Brady gets back in the game soon.