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Thus Spake Linus

This is a very good interview with linus torvalds and where he stands about the whole linux thing. from his responses you can't help but notice how sensible he is in his arguments, and how he doesn't have (at least, doesn't show) strong fanatic sentiments - especially his opinion about the rampant anti-microsoft feelings that seem to characterize (and unfortunately, esoterize) most of the open source community. - Reclusive Linux founder opens up - May 18, 2006
It is heartening to see that he gives due credit to open source initiatives, and acknowledges firefox as another key player. he seems to have captured the basic instinct that drives open source - it is not warm community feeling or general philanthropy, but the desire to show off. show off enough to say you are proud of what you did, but not so egoistic as to not share it with others.
I didn't start thinking I want to give out the source code [for linux]. To a large degree open source was just a way to allow others to look at
this and say, "Hey, this is what I've done -- I'm proud of this."

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