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Parrots must be crazy!

N'Kisi is an african grey parrot that has demonstrated uncanny verbal skills. it has a vocabulary of over 900 words, can frame sentences and apparently displays a sense of humor. (other claims such as telepathy and psychic powers have been made, but i mean, c'mon!) this is an interesting project that shows the cognitive ability of animals - and though the audio clip here sounds like the parrot is just repeating a few phrases over and over ("there's a square!" and "Isn't that cool?"), it is quite exciting!

Nkisi Audio Text 1

the clip's old though...wish there was a newer one (a video would be great!) found this story on digg.

incidentally - the parrot's name reminds me of N!Xau, the bushman from 'The Gods Must be Crazy'. can this parrot say its own name?!

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    I love the title of your blog.  

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