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Parrots must be crazy!

N'Kisi is an african grey parrot that has demonstrated uncanny verbal skills. it has a vocabulary of over 900 words, can frame sentences and apparently displays a sense of humor. (other claims such as telepathy and psychic powers have been made, but i mean, c'mon!) this is an interesting project that shows the cognitive ability of animals - and though the audio clip here sounds like the parrot is just repeating a few phrases over and over ("there's a square!" and "Isn't that cool?"), it is quite exciting!

Nkisi Audio Text 1

the clip's old though...wish there was a newer one (a video would be great!) found this story on digg.

incidentally - the parrot's name reminds me of N!Xau, the bushman from 'The Gods Must be Crazy'. can this parrot say its own name?!

Revenge of the King!

Kula Shaker is finally back! they released an EP - a preview of their full album due later this year - it's on iTunes right now. i guess i'll wait until the full release though...until then the 30-second preview on iTunes will have to suffice:( btw, 'troubadour' sounds like the best of the lot...they are all good though. naturally.


finally found it - there is a version of The Guide here, almost as seen in the movie. it's a flash app but pretty cool!

click here, browse to Characters>Guide, and then (obviously) click on the 'DON'T PANIC' sign!

netflix tongue-twister

i thought this one up as i was driving home last night:

"pick six slick sick flicks!"

now say that fast. again. and again, faster!