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So I recently came to know of this wonderful browser called Flock that's based off of firefox, but has a lot of cool web 2.0 features like blogging editor that lets you post directly, drap-dropping photos into Flickr and an in-built RSS reader, to name a few. Think of it as firefox with a lot of those wonderful extensions built-in. They have a dev version to try out, and apparently they are getting ready for a big Alpha release soon. It is available for Windows/Linux/OS X. I am running 0.7 on linux.

It looks amazing, light, and fast. and the pleasant surprise for me was that it auto installed Flash plugin directly on my AMD64 machine! I think it is a 32-bit version of Flock and that's why flash was set up in a, umm, flash, but I have been proved wrong too many times in the past to have any faith in my assertions myself.

But however it works, it works - i now have a web browser with Flash on my 64-bit linux machine, and that's all i care about! I can now watch youtube, read without impairing my eyesight and am now posting this using the blog tool in Flock.

Way cool.

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