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What She Doesnt Know Will Kill You.

Matt Brochu is a columnist at the Daily Collegian, our (UMass Amherst's) college newspaper. Whenever I pick up a copy of the Collegian and see his weekly opinion piece, I read it without fail - his writing is sharp, insightful and humorous. I recently came to know (old news) that an article by him had become a kind of internet meme, and was so popular that it was mentioned in the Washington Post, apart from being circulated among countless dorm rooms and universities all over the western hemisphere. Unfortunately the article had to be taken down from the Collegian's online archives, but I found many places (blogs) where his article was saved in its entirety. Being a fan myself I decided to give this wonderful article a home of its own, and here's where you can read it.

And the truth shall set you free.

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